Monday, 23 March 2015

Leather models/Mädchen in Leder

German women wear the tightest and shiniest leather. Don't you agree? Deutsch Frauen tragen die engsten und glänzendsten Leder. Meinen Sie nicht auch? Sehr sexy...

(Heike the Fetish Queen. Note: there is a fake version of this photograph circulating on the internet with Ashley Benson's face super-imposed. It's actually Heike, and this is the genuine original. It can't be AB. This is leather worn German style. Tight and sexy)

 (Antje Schaefer)

 (DieSanny from Rostock)

 (Hannover Fashion)

 (Kerstin M)

 (Laurent Wohlfarth)


 (Unknown blonde girl from München)

 (Regia Norce from Münster)

 ("Sarah Seal")

 ("Sarah und Janina")


 (Anastasia Kaufmann)

 (Anne from Schwalbach)

(Unknown brunette model from Sindelfingen)

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